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Mr Predrag Matovic

Country Manager

Mr Matovic is a geologist with more than 18 years’ experience in exploration and project management across Asia, Australia and Europe, including 4 years at the Rogozna Project. Predrag is responsible for management of the business in Serbia, including administration, health and safety, stakeholder relations and ESG.

Mr Jonathan Hunt

Exploration Manager

Mr Hunt is a geologist with more than 28 years multicommodity exploration and development experience across Africa and Europe, including 4 years at the Rogozna Project. Jonathan is responsible for the delivery of the Project's exploration strategy and management of our technical team.

Dr Milorad Antic

Senior Geologist

Dr Antic has 10 years’ experience conducting research and exploration within the western Tethyan Belt, including 7 years at the Rogozna Project. Milorad is responsible for the day to day management of exploration activities, including data collection and interpretation.

Mr Veroljub Ilic

Operations and Community Relations Manager

Mr Llic is a geologist with greater than 35 years’ experience in mining and exploration within the Trepca Mineral District, including 10 years at the Rogozna Project. Veroljub is responsible for the management of our drilling operations and community relations.

Mr Stanoje Milutinovic

Permitting Manager

Mr Milutinovic is a geologist with more than 40 years’ experience in exploration within the Trepca Mineral District, including 20 years at the Rogozna Project. Stanoje is responsible for statutory reporting and permitting.

Mr Mihajlo Matkovic

Commercial Manager

Mihajlo is a Corporate Lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in Mining and Energy sectors across Europe and Africa, including 4 years working for our Serbian subsidiary, Zlatna Reka Resources. In his current role, Mihajlo is responsible for all legal aspects of our Serbian business, including human resources, contracting and business development.